10 Results
  • Communication and Engagement Lead
    Dayton, OH2 positions being filled by Commander's Action Group - Engagement Lead and Communication LeadDR-02/03
  • Information Transmission Branch Manager
    Rome, NYBranch Manager in the Computing and Communications Division - Engineers, Scientists and Mathematicians can apply!$104,517 - $164,857
  • Supply Technician
    Rome, NYEquipment Accountability Supply Technician$46,821 - $67,522
  • Engineering Strategist
    Dayton, OHChief Strategist for Materials and Manufacturing Directorate Technical and Strategic Planning Office$137,020 - $169,450
  • Sensing Management Branch Manager
    Dayton, OHBranch Chief in the Multi-domain Sensing Autonomy Division - Engineers, Computer Scientists, Mathematicians or Physical Scientists can apply!$107,428 - $169,450
  • Division Manager
    Valparaiso, FLDivision Manager position at Eglin AFB$133,306 - $164,857
  • Laser Sources Technology Lead
    Dayton, OHInterdisciplinary Engineer/Scientist Researcher$107,428 - $169,450
    Mar 2
  • Communications Technology Team Lead
    Rome, NYTechnical Collaborations Lead with the Computing and Communications Division (RIT)$104,517 - $164,857
    Mar 2
  • Research Scientist
    Rosamond, CAThe Rocket Division seeks to fill Propellants Branch Propellant Formulator$119,354 – $168,668
    Feb 28
  • Airman Biodynamics and Protection Section Supervisor
    Dayton, OHHuman Performance Interdisciplinary Position - open to Physiologists, General Engineers, Physical Scientists, Operations Researchers, Statisticians, or Psychologists!$77,837-$151,815
    Feb 25